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The artist Egì among his works

Egidio Gariano stage name Egì, born in Veneto in Pieve di Cadore, who was also the birthplace of the famous "Tiziano Vecellio" and perhaps because of this assonance since childhood he is attracted to colors, pencils, sheets of paper... There is no day in which he has not drawn, painted, colored.
When his large family, mother and six brothers all with golden hands, moved between the green pastures of Val di Fiemme, in Predazzo in Trentino, he attended the Technical Institute of Art of Pozza di Fassa and here his passion takes shape more and more. These are carefree years made up of many friendships, Egì is not a model student, but he conquers everyone with his drawings, his 3D works and, at the high school diploma, they cannot deny him a well-deserved 60. At the age of twenty the sweet slopes begin to dress him a little tight, he is curious, hungry for the world and novelty.

Where can he continue to expand his passion if not in the cradle of art? Urbino, the birthplace of "Raffaello".

Here he obtained the Academic Diploma at the ISIA - Higher Institute for Artistic Industries, where he was trained to enter the world of work as an advertising graphic designer and, in 1983, he graduated with 110 cum laude.
He returns to Veneto and works as an art director in some renowned Advertising Agencies. His is a fantastic journey that began with simple pastels, watercolors, tempera.

Fascinated by hyperealism, he says: "...the airbrush, the "laser" of painting, enters my toolbox".

Egì with tenacity and surgical precision engages in works of great depth, both for professional and artistic purposes. The airbrush, in the 80s, occupies an important space, then gradually it is supplanted by the computer, within everyone's reach and much more performing. Then comes the time of oil paint and all the rooms of his life are pervaded by the scent of oil paints, turpentine, linseed oil...

In 1987 he founded UNIBRAND Graphic Design, taking care of the graphics of various brands and logos, the coordinated image of more or less large companies, dealing with packaging, publishing projects, advertising, posters, magazines and newspapers, in the many product sectors (
Also in 1987 he met Luisa, the great love of his life, now his wife who is always close to him, even at work, both in the rain and in the sun! He dedicated many paintings and an infinite number of photos to her, another great passion of Egì.
Now, Egì, is dedicated full time to the creation of large-format acrylic paintings. His is a magical itinerary with a lot of color, a lot of canvas to fill, irrepressible joy!
“...First the airbrush then the oil were fundamental allies, and for me essential, to become fully aware of the lights, shadows, proportions, light-darks and depths. Immense visual experience that I constantly use in my works".



SILENCE glamorous woman

The themes of his works vary greatly, from faces to landscapes, flowers and vegetables, animals and Renaissance sculptures, all made with a "fusion" style, yes because it is a fusion of figurative, pop art and abstract painting.  


"...I only choose subjects that somehow excite me, then I paint them with a lot of color and expressive power and I don't stop until, observing them, they excite me at least twice as much. They are thick brush strokes and palette strokes. I can do them with a little forethought, but it is impossible for me to predict what will actually happen on the canvas. So I am not completely responsible for my acrylic paintings, as was the case with oil hyperalism. it's always something ...magical."